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Homebuyer Man - Keep calm its christmas

So it’s getting near that time of year again.

Whilst I don’t want to be accused of dampening seasonal spirits, the Homebuyer Man for one find it quite stressful fulfilling the obligatory Christmas demand for presents. With lots of family and lots – well, at least a few – friends to buy for, it’s almost overwhelming trying to find unique and special gifts for those I care about.

After all, the old saying: “it’s the thought that counts” offers little in the way of consolation. It means you’ve got a shoddy present, wasted your hard-earned money and, presumably, not put a lot of thought into the purchase.

The Homebuyer Man strives for better than that. So, I thought i would pull together a few ideas i have had for home-related gifts this Christmas.

Firstly, for those who are looking forward to a merry Christmas I have found a couple of alcohol-related gifts that may be of interest. Maybe, like me, you’ve got an uncle who can’t really handle his drink and a Grandmother who enjoys a whole bottle? For them, there is this great “Half A Pint Glass“ (left) and “Wine Bottle Glass” (right) from Gettingpersonal.com.

Alternatively, for those who like to mix business with pleasure, there is the “always on” work station (left) and the “relax flip!” adjustable pillow (right) from Unikia.

And The final recommendations come from Prezzybox.com. Given the limited number of daylight hours I get at this time of year, I thought these lamps would go some way to illuminating this Christmas for you . On the left you have the the “Book Rest Lamp” and on the right there is the “Stress Relieving Relaxation Light”.


Half-A-Pint Glass, GettingPersonal.co.uk
Half-A-Pint Glass


Always-on Station
Always-on Station