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National Homebuyers LogoNational Homebuyers is the fast and stress free way to sell your property. We can buy your home quickly, without stresses, delays and costs of selling on the open market.

We guarantee to make an offer to buy your property, residential or commercial regardless of its condition or location anywhere in the UK. National Homebuyers have helped, and continue to help, thousands of different people across the UK over the years. All of our clients are looking to sell their house fast in order to release the equity from their homes.

There are many reason why people come to a fast house buying company like National Homebuyers. Some are emigrating abroad or relocating, often for work purposes or to enjoy their retirement; others, however, come to us as they find themselves in financial difficulties due to the death of a loved one or need to stop repossession of their home.

As you would expect from a fast house sale; the seller will not achieve the full-market value for their property, however, the savings on fees which are achieved with National Homebuyers will make up for this and property sellers can actually end up saving money when using our fast house sale services.
Also another advantage of using National Homebuyers is that significant and expensive legal and estate agent fees are usually completely avoided, and there is a minimal risk of the sale breaking down. Therefore the notion that you will actually lose money with a fast house sale is s something of a myth.

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Whether a sale on the open market is proving difficult, or you simply don’t want strangers viewing your property: National Homebuyers guarantee to make a firm cash offer to purchase your home, offering a fast cash sale.

National Homebuyers will purchase your property directly from you; we do not work with any third parties or investors. We provide a simple straightforward transaction between yourself and us, with no middle men involved, alleviating all of the usual stresses associated with selling a property.

Our Fast Property Purchase Process

National Homebuyers guarantee to make a firm cash offer to purchase an property.

We have a dedicated research team waiting to value your home and will provide you with a comprehensive valuation report and offer quickly. Once your receive your offer, it will remain open for 30 days. Upon agreement to purchase your property, National Homebuyers will agree a completion date to suit you. Throughout your sale to National Homebuyers we have dedicated Customer care Team working with you to ensure a simple, fast and stress free transaction. On completion of sale we refund your valuation fee in full as well as contributing up to £1,000 towards your legal fees.

Why Sell To National Home Buyers?

National HomebuyersUnlike other methods of selling, National Homebuyers do not take a commission on the property sale price and you will receive 100% of your cash offer. We will even pay up to £1,000 towards your legal fees.

There may be a number of reasons for wanting to sell your house to National Homebuyers. Whether you just need a quick house sale or are unable to sell on the open market, we have the perfect solution for you. If you’ve decided to sell because you are facing repossession, then don’t hesitate any longer as our service can operate to such a speed that unlocks your property’s equity before it’s too late.

Sell Your House Quickly Within 30 Days

Arrange your no obligation offer today, call the National Homebuyers Customer Service Teams on 08000 443 470 and they will be happy to answer any questions and begin your property appraisal. Alternatively, complete our free cash offer or visit National Homebuyers online here – We Buy Any House.

National Homebuyers are proud to donate £1 from every valuation booked at the advertised brochure price to the British Heart Foundation.

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