How much is my house worth?

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Property is normally the most valuable possession you will buy and sell. Finding out how much your home is worth is easy thanks to a new online property value estimator tool.

If you are looking to sell your property and would like to find out what it is worth than simply place your information into the National Homebuyers property value estimator. This property value estimator is a useful tool to get a quick and easy estimate of how much your property might be worth.

Even if you are not planning on selling your house just yet, this new property value estimator tool is a great way of conducting a free house valuation. In fact, this new tool will give you the value of every home in the UK – whether it’s for sale or not, which is a very useful starting place if you’re planning on buying or selling a house.

house for twitterAll prices provided are an estimate based on information from the Land Registry and our own prediction algorithm. However, a true market price will be influenced by aspects such as economic stability, interest rates, mortgage availability, geographical trends, the condition of the property and general consumer confidence. National Homebuyers property value estimator can’t actually tell you what a buyer would be prepared to offer for your property.

If you are planning on selling your house and you are looking for a more realistic price for your house based on other factors that this value tool does not take into consideration – such as home improvements, an extension or your garden size – National Homebuyers will include this and more when we calculate your properties current cash value, simply give us a called on 08000 443 911. Here at National Homebuyers, we buy any house, in any condition, anywhere in the UK.

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National Homebuyers are the UK’s first and leading property purchasing company, we bought our first house back in June 2004. We have helped, and continue to help, thousands of people across the UK and all of our clients are looking for a quick cash sale for their property. Here at National Homebuyers, we believe every property is different and therefore should be valued on its own individual merits. Unlike most other property buying companies, we construct our offer by performing dedicated research into the property itself, as well as its surrounding area and local amenities. By doing this, and not working to set percentages or averages, it allows us to provide the most competitive cash offer quickly and within a timescale to suit all customers.

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